The Tesorini at Bellagio Difference

Our Rolex Team

Tesorini at Bellagio Resort & Casino is proud to be a Rolex Official Jeweler in Las Vegas. Our team strives to provide unmatched personalized service and share their passion to welcome and assist guests in finding the perfect timepiece.
Meet our staff of professionals ready to assist your every need.

Juliette Congleton
Store Manager

Juliette is a seasoned professional and has worked in the industry for over 20 years. She has been at Tesorini since 2008 and has brought joy and excitement to the team.

Juliette's passion for celebrating special moments with her guests is palpable – she enjoys hearing their stories and creating personalized experiences for all who walk through the doors.

Ron Lawson
Assistant Store Manager

Ron is an industry veteran with over 20 years' experience curating personalized experiences for his guests. To him, Rolex is "a timeless heirloom to be passed on to the next generation."

Ron approaches each guest with sincerity and takes the time explain the advantages of owning a Rolex piece.

Lou Urbanski
Sales Associate

As a day one employee of Tesorini, with over 20 years' experience, Lou takes pride in his interactions with guests – sharing Rolex's amazing history and unmatched legacy.

Lou believes each Rolex is a "symbol of excellence and rich history."

Ead Faggio
Sales Associate

With more than 15 years' experience, Ead looks to make each guest feel welcome and comfortable. Whether or not a guest purchases a timepiece, she remains in contact with guests to ensure they're aware the Tesorini team is there to assist with any current or future purchases.

When asked what Rolex means to her, Ead responded, "a symbol of achievement, success, prestige and the utmost attention to detail and quality."

Liza Swang
Sales Associate

Liza brings over 13 years' experience to Tesorini and prides herself on greeting each guest with a smile and ensuring they receive a customized experience focused on their particular needs.

To her, Rolex represents, "a universally recognized luxury timepiece marking a major milestone in the life of each guest."

Young Kim
Sales Associate

Young treats each and every guest as a VIP client with the goal of offering unparalleled service and attention to detail.

She views Rolex as, "elegant, refined, timeless with innovative designs that forever hold their value and can be handed down to the next generation."

Tatiana Rose
Sales Associate

Tatiana aims to make each guest comfortable while providing personalized service to ensure their dreams come true.

She views Rolex as, "a highly desirable luxury brand and a timepiece with unmatched quality standards."

Christine Arieno
Sales Associate

Christine believes every Rolex piece tells a unique story and she looks to understand each guest's needs and offer recommendations for a timepiece that best matches their personality.

She aims to make the entire experience personal and fun. To her, Rolex represents, "one of the most reputable and recognized brands in the world and a symbol of opulence and class."

Elizabeth Kobylarz
Sales Associate

Elizabeth knows every Rolex purchase is very personal with a unique story attached to it - she knows it's an honor to be part of the experience and offers world-class service to exceed expectations.

She views each timepiece as a family heirloom built to the finest quality standards.

Pakping Charles Lam
Sales Associate

Charlie not only offers tremendous service to each guest, but also looks to develop relationships long after the purchase to ensure their needs are taken care of.

To him, Rolex represents, "iconic timepieces each with an individual identity, status and achievement."

Deborah Johnson
Sales Associate

Deborah is honored to share the Rolex brand with her guests. She's proud to work for one of the very few Official Rolex Jewelers in Las Vegas.

She offers an in-depth experience for each guest starting with a personalized greeting, viewing each piece and its presentation, explanation of function and reliability, decorative arts, gem-setting along with anecdotes of Rolex's history.

Sima Parwany
Sales Associate

To Sima, Rolex represents an "extremely well-made timepiece that's highly desired - it's classic and forever holds its value."

She believes a personalized experience is required and takes time to understand the needs of each guest and match the perfect timepiece to their personality.